How do you pass your Social Work Exam?

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This free guide includes:

  • Top 10 tips from Social Workers who have passed the Social Work Exam
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  • Detailed rationales
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What makes our Social Work Exam study system great?

  • We are the ONLY program developed by social workers who passed the exam with scores over 90%.
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  • You can review the materials AS MANY times as you need to.
  • You only pay us ONCE - you can use our program until you PASS. 


What Our Customers Say:

"I passed my social work exam today on the first try! You all were awesome. I have to tell you before I took your study course I was so anxious; it has been 12 and a half years since I took the last one. I got my Master's degree 13 years ago. Everyone I talked to warned me how hard it was and how many people fail it on the first go round. Your pep talks and lectures made me feel confident and well informed. Taking the exam I never felt out of my depth or that you hadn't prepared me. In fact on several questions I thought, now in what order would Amanda put these in. I have to tell you I researched study courses and several things impressed about yours. One was your website, another was the testimonials. Your course was everything I hoped it would be and I will recommend it to everyone who has to take this exam!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!" - Carlisle Elizabeth Blind, LCSW


"I wish that I had found the Therapist Development Center sooner instead of wasting money on other prep courses that did not help me in passing the social work exam. I highly recommend taking this course. The TDC prepared me for my LMSW exam so thoroughly. I never felt so confident taking an exam. My score improved by 20 points from the last failed attempt at passing this test. I have raved about this prep course to all my coworkers and friends who are prepping for their LMSW. The TDC will definitely be with you until you pass. Thank you Emily and Amanda for all the support, words of wisdom, and encouragement. I would not have been able to successfully obtain my LMSW without the TDC's help." - Tammy Nguyen, LMSW