How do you pass your LCSW Exam?

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What Our Customers Say:

"I passed my LCSW exam today on the first try! You all were awesome. I have to tell you before I took your study course I was so anxious; it has been 12 and a half years since I took the last one. I got my Master's degree 13 years ago. Everyone I talked to warned me how hard it was and how many people fail it on the first go round. Your pep talks and lectures made me feel confident and well informed. Taking the exam I never felt out of my depth or that you hadn't prepared me. In fact on several questions I thought, now in what order would Amanda put these in. I have to tell you I researched study courses and several things impressed about yours. One was your website, another was the testimonials. Your course was everything I hoped it would be and I will recommend it to everyone who has to take this exam!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!" - Carlisle Elizabeth Blind, LCSW


"If there is doubt and you are in need of securing your license for your career to advance or to retain your job, now is not the time to debate on whether or not you should purchase the Therapist Development Center (TDC) study material.    I only wish I learned of the TDC study materials prior to my first exam attempt which resulted in Anxiety NOS (self-diagnosed) for my future attempt; however, the TDC study system was the best medication and Cognitive Therapy I could take to calm my nerves/thoughts.  The materials undoubtedly will assist you with learning how to differentiate between diagnosis, defense mechanisms, increase theory understanding as well as many other components that are tested on the ASWB exam.  Ultimately, the materials help with understanding how ASWB ask questions and what knowledge they are testing. In addition to the study materials, you will have access to a “coach” (thank you Bethany V.) through the center.  When you are in need of question(s) being answered, they responded quickly with a great display of patience and knowledge each time I interacted with TDC.  I genuinely encourage you to invest in YOU and no longer self-doubt; the TDC materials are worth your time, financial sacrifice and will decrease hard-ache in the end.  Many thanks to TDC!!!!!!" - Lisa Bellamy, LCSW