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What Our Customers Say:

"This program proved to be extremely helpful for me in passing the MFT exam. Being taught various techniques and methodologies was essential to my passing. I am not a good test taker and prior to taking the exam, I was performing poorly on the practice exams. Being taught fundamental techniques such as "when looking at my choices on the exam, think of what would I do first? Or which answer is the most reasonable?" were techniques that I sadly had not considered before. I believe the refreshing of materials and having these fundamental techniques in mind are the reasons I passed on my first try!" - Nakita Brisbon, MFT


"TDC is the best study material out there! I passed the MFT exam on the first try! The lectures were done so that made learning material easy and the questions on the mock exams were very similar to those on the actual exam! Trust the process and follow the lectures and exams and you will be prepared!." - , MFT